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ICoat Training Certification Classes for Epoxy Coatings and Decorative Concrete

Learn a trade in a booming industry

“Allied Market Research noted in their latest report that the multi-billion-dollar epoxy coatings and decorative concrete industry for both countertops and flooring will have a growth of 7% CAGR through 2027. This is being driven by the change in commercial retail space utilization and home improvements as people face more time at home and want to improve their living space both indoors and outdoors.”

In simpler terms, there is already a lot of work available, and that demand is just going to grow.

So, how do you get started making your $100k+ a year income and be in control of your own time?

You need to get trained!

Training that Provides a Career

iCoat has been training installers for the last 15 years so they can go out and complete a job to the customer's satisfaction. Tim Phelps, owner of iCoat Products for 30 years has a saying that holds true 'We make sure you do it right, so you get paid on every job you do." Over the years Tim Phelps has not only worked with chemists to develop superior epoxy blends and other proprietary products, he has also developed systems to help get installers up to speed and skilled so they can complete work correctly.

With iCoat's training being available anywhere on any device, if you get into a jam you can first, refer to the video tutorial and then if still in a pinch, an iCoat specialist is available during extended business hours to help solve any issue you have so you can complete a job correctly.

Once you are comfortable you can scale up to bigger commercial jobs with confidence knowing that you are part of the iCoat Installers Network.


Hands-on Epoxy Resin experience

Our training classes are not just theory, we provide our online folks the sample boards and equipment they need to complete their training and if you do in-person events then you will have the exact same equipment right in front of you.

For those doing the in-person classes, we do cover working with cement grinders, polishing, and sanding tools as well as industrial torches.


On-line and On-site training

iCoat pioneered virtual and on-line training in this industry spending tens of thousands of dollars creating kits, manuals, instructional videos, how-to's, and much more so are installers are respected for quality work.

In this age of Covid19 and limited travel, the online training classes are becoming even more popular both for price and convenience. Look at some of our competitors who charge $1500 just for training.

In our training, you won't just learn the basics of flooring and countertops, you will get to know how to do special designs using advanced colors, mica flakes, glitter, metal illusion, stamped concrete, travertine, stone, tile, wood panel, flagstone. matching your epoxy job to gloss reflection scales making it unbelievably realistic, non-slip, showers and wall surfaces, tables, wood sealers, our proprietary One-Day Stain™ flooring system, which knocks days of the standard acid-stain job, how to refresh an existing floor with iCoat Renew™, plus area prep, clean-up, and safety. We also teach you how to bid on jobs and price competitively per-square-foot and overcome objections so you win.

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Elevate Your Epoxy Business

Ready to take your business to new revenue levels with a dedicated coach to advise and mentor you on business, marketing, recruiting, and finances.  Proven iCoat Network systems bring order to chaos and holds staff accountable.  Learn More.