Decorative Concrete Business Opportunity

I was busy last weekend and was unable to check my email until Monday and the contents surprised me. Of course I received the 2 erectile dysfunction ads and the usual Groupon offers but out of the remaining 27 emails, 13 of them were either some sort of business opportunity or a way to receive emergency cash. After I dwelled on this for a bit I realized that these two themes are diametrically opposed; if you don’t have cash you can’t start a business and if you do have cash you are likely to hold on to it as tightly as possible considering the current economy. This gave me pause as we at iCOAT are striving to create decorative concrete business opportunities for people looking for the security of a steady income and the assurances that come with an easy to learn, master and sell product line in a hot industry. Do You Have a Cash Shortage? This tough economy has left most people and businesses without the most critical piece of the success puzzle, cash! Without positive cash flow businesses and households cannot succeed in the long term; this is precisely why we are seeing such a huge increase in personal …Read More