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    September 23, 2017 | gpldev
  • Choosing Color Enhancing Acrylic & Concrete Sealer

    We'll look at Choosing Color Enhancing Acrylic & Concrete Sealer and also provide an answer for what exactly is the most popular Concrete Sealer? iCoat Products provides consulting, as well as services and Q&A for stain concrete and concrete sealer. iCOAT’s most popular concrete sealers are listed below: I-22 (Natural) and I-30 (Gloss) Color Enhancing Acrylic [...]

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    Decorative Concrete Business Opportunity

    I was busy last weekend and was unable to check my email until Monday and the contents surprised me. Of course I received the 2 erectile dysfunction ads and the usual Groupon offers but out of the remaining 27 emails, 13 of them were either some sort of business opportunity or a way to receive emergency cash. After I dwelled on this for a bit I realized that these two themes are diametrically [...]

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