• NEW!!! iCoat's Revolutionary ONE DAY STAIN

  • The One Day Stain is easy to apply and can be done in any color or combination of colors. The proprietary blend of urethane resins dry in less than an hour and are ready to be sealed immediately which significantly lowers labor rates. The One Day Stain has no perceivable odor and can be applied and sealed even while businesses are operating. The concrete color and even completely different slab colors.  The One Day Stain has essentially no learning curve and has a huge profit margin. Use One Day Stain on your next project and you'll never go back to outdated technology.


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    Floors, Walls, Counters, Showers & More. See what you can do with iCoat Products Here.

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    Essentially no learning curve and HUGE profit potential. Dry in less than 1 hour. Easy to apply with no odor.

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  • Training Opportunities

    Imagine starting your own home improvement business using iCoat Products with all the support you need to succeed. 

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  • With iCoat Products Any Look Is Possible

    The luxurious look of stone without the maintenance and worry of damage.

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  • iCOAT Products Company comprises 30 years of successful experience in the decorative concrete industry with the manufacturing of superior quality materials, the latest installation techniques, and providing the very best training available in the industry.

    The iCOAT founders have pioneered trowelled flooring systems, concrete countertop overlays, a new and exciting Wall system and our hottest new avant-garde Metal Illusion epoxy system for both floors and countertops. iCOAT Products are the latest and greatest for the residential and commercial remodeling industry.

    ICOAT is very proud of their team which is based at Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix AZ. Tim Phelps , who is the founder of iCOAT Products, Inc., has been in the decorative concrete industry since 1989, he has overseen the formulation for many groundbreaking technologies including synthetic rock materials which are made of 95% recycled materials, trowelled concrete overlays that do not require bond coats and the often copied but never duplicated countertop resurfacing system. Tim has always field-tested new products and formulas on actual jobs and is working closely with contractors all over the country that are beta testing new products. His experience in running several crews gives him valuable insight into issues contractors deal with day to day which makes iCOATs ability to provide proper tech support unrivalled in the industry.

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  • ICoat products are incredibly simple to install and offer endless opportunities to create a masterpiece of your own. Great alternative to the more standard counter top installations such as quartz and granite that offers similar resistance to wear while being easier to maintain and providing far more customization. ICoat employees were all a delight to work with and always made themselves available to help if needed. Would highly recommend this product line to anyone looking to redo their counters.

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  • Choosing Color Enhancing Acrylic & Concrete Sealer

    We'll look at Choosing Color Enhancing Acrylic & Concrete Sealer and also provide an answer for what exactly is the most popular Concrete Sealer? iCoat Products provides consulting, as well as services and Q&A for stain concrete and concrete sealer.

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